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Tezos Payments is a decentralized service that helps you accept payments or donations in the Tezos network and makes it more user-friendly.

Tezos Payments is a set of client applications and smart contracts which helps users work with payments and donations more familiarly, as in traditional payment systems, but with saving one of the most features of Tezos: decentralization. It doesn’t require users to register as with traditional services. Just use the existing Tezos accounts.

On the technical side, Tezos Payments is smart contracts on the Tezos network and client applications which are interfaces for easy interaction with the smart contracts.

Tezos Payments for you if you want:

  1. To accept payments in your online shop in Tezos tokens, both native and FA tokens.
  2. To accept donations from your followers in any Tezos tokens.