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Accept a donation

To start accepting donations, you first need an account in the Tezos network. If you don’t have one, please create it using one of the most popular wallets, e.g., Temple, Kukai.
If you have it, you’re ready to move on.


You need some amount of Tezos to pay network fees while communicating with your services, through which donations will be made.

Step 1: Connect a Tezos account to the Business application

  1. Open the business app by the following URL:
  2. Click Connect.
  3. Choose the wallet that you are using.
  4. In your wallet, click Connect / Approve / Confirm.

Once you approve the connection, you'll be connected to the Tezos Payments Business application and ready to use that.

Step 2: Create a service

Service is a component that accepts funds from your contributors and sends them to you. Also, the service shows your contributors public information about you.

  1. Click Create Service or open the Create Service page by this URL:

  2. Fill in public information that your customers will be seen when paying:

    • Service Name - it can be your real name, nickname, or any identifier helping the payers make sure they’re doing the right donates.
      The field is required.
    • Description - a short description of you.
      The field is optional.
    • Links - links to your site, social media, or other links.
      This field is optional.


    Public information about your service will be stored on the Tezos blockchain, so it'll be available to everyone at all times. You won't be able to delete this information. Please be careful when you fill in this information.

  3. Verify the filled information for correctness.

  4. Click Create Service.

  5. Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the operation, which is an interaction with the Tezos Payments Factory Contract.


    Creating a service is a blockchain operation that why it requires some Tezos tokens to be completed.

    Once you confirm, you'll launch creating the service.

  6. Wait while the service is being created. On average, it takes a couple of minutes.

  7. Once the service has been created, you can go to the next step.

  1. Click Accept Payments or open the Accept Payments page by the following URL:
  2. Choose the service through that donations will be made.
  3. On the right area of the page, you’ll find a personal donation link.
    Copy and share this link on your social media to start accepting donations.

View donations

You can view donations on the Operations page by this link: