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Make a donation

When you are opening a payment link generated by the Tezos Payments, like this:, you get to a prebuilt payment page hosted on the domain.


Be careful! All donations links issued through Tezos Payments always start with
If the first part of a payment link consists of at least one another symbol, it’s a fake link, don’t open it!

You will be able to send a donation on this page, but first, you need to have a Tezos account.
If you don’t have one, please create it using one of the most popular wallets, e.g., Temple, Kukai.
If you already have it, you can send donations.

  1. Check the information about a person to who you want to donate.
  2. Fill in the amount and choose the currency in which you want to donate.
  3. You can enter a message for the author, but it’s optional.
  4. Click Donate.
  5. Choose the wallet that you are using.
  6. In your wallet, click Connect / Approve / Confirm.

Once you approve the connection, the balance check will begin. After that, if you have enough amounts to donate the entered value, your wallet will prompt you to confirm an operation. Confirm the operation, and the donation will be made after a couple of minutes.