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Create a payment

  1. Click Accept Payments or open the Accept Payments page by the following URL:

  2. Choose the service through that payments will be made.

  3. Choose the currency and enter the amount of payment.

  4. Fill in the payment data:

    • Payment ID - it's a unique identifier that helps you match the completed operation (payment) with your customer's order, purchase, and so forth.
      The field is required.
  5. Verify the filled information for correctness.

  6. Click Generate and Sign Payment Link.

  7. Your wallet will prompt you to sign payment encoded data. The signing of the payment is required to prove that the payment really was created by you.

  8. Once you sign the payment, you'll see a generated payment link like this:

  9. Share the payment link with your customer.

After that, your customer can make the payment by your generated link.